Ocean Star Drilling Rig Museum & Education Center 2

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum & Education Center

Ocean-Star-Offshore-Drilling-Rig-Museum-and-Education-CenterHave you ever wondered what it would be like to actually stand on the deck of an oil rig?  Those massive structures that we see in the Gulf of Mexico that seem to rise up from the ocean floor as if someone went about sowing seeds and–voila—up they came.  At a distance they seem to float mysteriously on the surface of the water like lily pads floating in a backyard pond.  Of course, the resemblance to anything as delicate as a lily pad stops right there.  As we said, these are massive structures.  Their sheer size is overwhelming. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is this, how did all this come together?  Also, how was it made to work with the end result being the extraction of a product that lies so very deep below the ocean floor?  All of this really boggles the mind, and naturally gives rise to even more questions.  However, most questions that one may have about drilling piers (oil rigs) and their operations can now be answered.  The reason being is that right here on Galveston Island there is a new attraction.  It is the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum and Education Center. It is in this museum where tribute is paid to man’s ability to match wits with nature’s awesome power.   That much can be seen and learned about these magnificent structures.  We invite you to come, see and learn.  The welcome mat is out!   We also need to mention that this museum is less than an hour from downtown Houston, and conveniently located at Pier 19 where there is ample parking space.  Another plus is that this is a hands-on museum.  children of all ages will appreciate this attraction and no reservations are required for individuals or family groups.  If the doors are open, you are welcome.  Moreover, another attractive feature for seniors is that there is elevator service for all floors and wheel chairs are available.  Information regarding admission fees and other particulars can be found by visiting www.oceanstaroec.com or you may call (409) 766-7827.