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Galveston, Texas - Summer 2014!

Places to Go, People to Meet and Things to Do! 

Celebrate in Galveston

Summer is here, and all over the state, people will be celebrating birthdays, family reunions, holidays, the change of seasons, and the beautiful weather.  In Galveston, annual summer festivities are underway, as well as the annual County Fair and Rodeo and the return of the Food and Wine Festival.  Whatever you have to celebrate this summer, consider taking your merry-making to the jewel of the Gulf—Galveston Island.

If you will be visiting from out of town and are looking for a place to worship during the holiday, you can visit  www.galveston.com/religion  to browse their directory of houses of worship and find a place that is right for you and your family.

For additional examples of inspiration and grace, you may be interested in Galveston’s Tree Sculpture Tour. When Hurricane Ike hit in 2008, many of Galveston’s formerly majestic trees were destroyed; rather than leave them as symbols of tragedy and destruction, however, several artists decided to transform them into art pieces evoking beauty and rebirth.  The artists–Earl Jones of Galveston; Dale Lewis of Richmond, IN; and Jim Phillips of Houston–used chain saws, chisels, and their own ingenuity to transform the broken trees into lovely sculptures, which now grace front, back, and side yards, as well as private gardens, throughout the city.  The Galveston Historical Foundation offers guided tours of the sculptures in its solar-powered shuttle, and brochure guides for self-guided walking tours are available throughout the city and at www.galveston.com. The sculptures are an eclectic mix, with subjects ranging from angels to local wildlife to musical instruments; many of them have special significance to the residents of the properties on which they were carved (as with “Pod of Dolphins and Mermaid,” a sculpture located at 902 Bell, in which the dolphins symbolize the children in the home and the mermaid symbolizes their mother) or to the histories of the houses themselves.